Meet the everyday and famous people who are regulars at their local Brooklyn joints.

Originally an interview series on the New York magazine partner blog Bedford + Bowery, Meet the Regulars captures a previously unseen and entertaining portrait of the people of Brooklyn and the places they love. In talking with the regulars at bars, restaurants, and shops in the world-famous borough, author Joshua Fischer delivers deep and delightful stories presented alongside stunning snapshots from accomplished photographers. Meet the Regulars reveals the great power in the connections we make with the people and places where we live.

Meet a diverse and changing Brooklyn through its regulars: the blogger who fixes her hair and heart at her salon; the lady so loyal to her local bar she has its logo tattooed on her arm; and the filmmaker who walks twenty blocks for sage advice from a legendary bartender inside a bowling alley. Familiar faces include party-rocker Andrew W. K. spicing things up at the Thai joint from his early days, Saturday Night Live performer Sasheer Zamata reliving a break-up at her go-to brunch spot, public radio host Jad Abumrad of Radiolab sippin’ whiskey to Black Sabbath, beloved NY1 news anchor Pat Kiernan chowing down on meatballs, actor Jessica Pimentel (Orange Is the New Black) championing her local metal venue, actor Kevin Corrigan (Goodfellas, Pineapple Express) contemplating a Guinness at his secluded spot inside an Irish pub, and more.


some famous faces in the book


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“These are stories about people finding a home in an ephemeral world of bars, restaurants, shops, and clubs that open, explode, and burn out like so many stars hidden in that bright and sleepless New York night sky.” —Joshua D. Fischer, from his introduction

“It’s a sense of continuity. You thread your history through a place. . . . That’s what makes me a regular.” — public radio host Jad Abumrad, of Radiolab, regular at Splitty

“Once you have the cell phone number of the bar owner, then you’re a regular.” —Twin comics the Lucas Brothers, regulars at Tutu’s

“I can tell if a person is cool if their vibe mixes with this place.” —Sasheer Zamata, Saturday Night Live cast member, regular at Enid’s

“Brooklyn is this unattractive, could-never-go-to-the-prom borough. And now, not only does everyone want to take you to the prom, but everyone wants you on their arm.” —Eric Adams, Brooklyn borough president, regular at Woodland

“Read the book. Talk to everyone about it. . . . Move to Brooklyn with nothing but the contents of a suitcase. Be in the world’s most annoying band. Get a bunch of hideous tattoos. Whatever.” —Meredith Graves of punk band Perfect Pussy, regular at Roman’s

“This bar saved my life.” —Ariel Pellman, costume designer, regular at the Way Station