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The Many Faces of 'Regulars' in Brooklyn, CityLab from The Atlantic

"Meet the Regulars does away with any sense of the conventional; instead, the book is filled with people “who have found their own way in, who have created their own patterns for themselves,” Fischer says."

NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan shares his favorite food spots, NY Daily News

"In “Meet the Regulars,” a new book about Brooklyn residents’ favorite places, [NY1 anchorman Pat Kiernan] shares his love for The Meatball Shop, a casual eatery with a Williamsburg location that’s all about comfort. “It’s quick and easy, and it’s tasty,” notes Kiernan in the book by Joshua D. Fischer."

Brooklyn celebrities share their favorite haunts, am new york

"The book became a voice of those who may be struggling to stay in touch with a place that is losing its identity, but aren’t exactly complaining about changes either. “I wanted to highlight the voices of Brooklyn and what they said about how gentrification is affecting them for better and for worse,” Fischer explained."

who are the regulars of brooklyn?, wbgo national public radio interview

"It's about the sense of community. All of these places are unique to Brooklyn, and they're all over the city. At the same time, there's this common thread about belonging, which I found all over the book."who are the regulars of brooklyn?, wbgo national public radio interview

Sasheer Zamata On Her Favorite Place In Brooklyn, Bust magazine

"We're excited to share this interview with Sasheer Zamata from the new book Meet The Regulars: The People of Brooklyn and the Places They Love by Joshua D. Fischer"

it's time to meet the regulars, the laugh Button Interview

"Pick up your copy. You'll be glad you did."

famed, devoted locals in an affectionate new book, bushwick daily

"Made me want to go grab a beer at my regular haunt, meet a new person, or just wave hello to the other regulars."

home sweet brooklyn, the rumpus

"In Meet the Regulars: People of Brooklyn and the Places They Love, author Joshua D. Fischer sets out to learn about the people who regularly frequent neighborhood bars and cafés in the ever-changing Brooklyn."

review, upfront ny

"Meet The Regulars has given us our favorite thing, learning more about so many interesting people and the places they love. This is a book you will really enjoy and may even get some ideas of places to check out and explore next time you are in Brooklyn!"


"People need to find a second home, another living room,” Fischer said. “They find a place where people know their name that they can rely on, and it builds a sense of comfort, a sense of community.”"


"I personally wanted more because the book has me completely addicted."

May Inspirations, StyleCharmer

"I could not be happier when I found out that there is a book devoted to the creative spirits of Brooklyn, their favorite places and activities. Check out "Meet the Regulars" by Joshua D. Fischer. Even if you do not live in NYC, next time you visit, you will know that the real deal about this city starts outside the brinks of Manhattan isle."

REVIEW, lara's book club

"Meet the Regulars is the perfect portrayal of everything Brooklyn and New York City represent...And while you might think this book is all about the cool places in Brooklyn — and okay, it kind of is — it also uses these places to tell the stories of Brooklyn."


"Joshua and I talk about his work with the book, gentrification, and one of my favorite topics: how to cope with big city living without succumbing to misanthropy."

Get Your LOLz on with Meet the Regulars at Broken Comedy, Bedford + Bowery

"Several comics featured in the book will be on deck, including Saturday Night Live‘s Sasheer Zamata, who used to hang out at Enid’s (right across the street)"

Talkin' 'Bout My Gentrification,

An excerpt from the book Meet the Regulars: People of Brooklyn and the Places They Love by Joshua D. Fischer, now available from Skyhorse Publishing.


You can use "Meet the Regulars" as your hipster, insider guide to Brooklyn, off-the-beaten track of Manhattan. It's a fresh take on sociology and how a tribe of shared styles and talents can really flip a neighborhood inside and out.

sammi's favorite things, TV grapevine

"Everyone’s stories touched my heart and I learned something from each and every one of them."

hello brookladelphia, the brookladelphian podcast

"Put two journalists together in a barber shop and what do you get?  An awesome podcast interview covering politics, gentrification, clubbing, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Detroit and the many places in-between."