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Hi! You’ve received a link to this page because we'd like you to consider Meet the Regulars for your podcast network. The podcast does not exist yet. But! We created an amazing test episode and posted it below. Please fall in love with it. And please contact Josh, so we can build the podcast together now!


Conversations with people at the places they love

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Josh with actor  Kevin Corrigan

Josh with actor Kevin Corrigan

First, came the column. Then, came the book. Now, let's make the podcast.

Originally a column on the New York magazine partner Bedford + Bowery, and then a book from Skyhorse publishing, this podcast follows Joshua D. Fischer – the host and author – as he meets various regulars at their favorite bars, restaurants, shops and beyond. Each episode, Josh talks with a regular about what they like at their spot, what’s going on in their world, and what keeps them coming back to their regular joint. Regulars we meet include everyday people and some you might already know, like party-rocker Andrew W.K., Saturday Night Live performer Sasheer Zamata, Radiolab host Jad Abumrad, and more. All of them were featured in the book.

Josh with twin comics  the Lucas Bros.

Josh with twin comics the Lucas Bros.

In this prototype episode, there are three interviews: One original and two that appeared in the book. Please note: This episode is not meant to be aired publicly. The interviews with Tim Harrington of indie band Les Savy Fav and Anna Sale of podcast Death, Sex & Money were originally recorded solely for the purpose of transcription for the book. Unlike the first interview with photographer Matt Wilson, the other two interviews were not recorded for the purpose of a podcast; but they are included so we can show you the diverse guests and stories that can be captured by Meet the Regulars.

It’s a simple yet powerful idea.  

In our brave new world of texts and tweets, we simply don’t have as many one-on-one, face-to-face conversations anymore. These interviews often begin about the place. We hear about favorite drinks, secret items, and special orders. And then, naturally, other ideas and stories arise for Josh to deftly explore. Take the last interview in the test episode: a conversation with Anna Sale, the host of the brilliant podcast Death, Sex & Money. We start by hearing about the juicy merguez tacos at her local hangout, then move to the unwinding of her first marriage and the beginning of her new one, and then onto what it means to be a woman in today’s working world. The conversations flow and feel as if you’re right there with Josh and the regular. As Josh learned throughout the interviews for the Meet the Regulars book, "You can learn a lot about a person in a place they call home." It’s where they feel comfortable, where they feel themselves, and where they open up their worlds.

Josh with punk singer and MTV News correspondent Meredith Graves

Josh with punk singer and MTV News correspondent Meredith Graves

How’d Meet the Regulars come about?

After living in the same Brooklyn apartment for more than ten years, Josh saw so much rapid change and so many of his friends in the neighborhood get priced-out or simply move away. He created Meet the Regulars as a means to see who was still around and who was new. He also noticed that, as you get older, you see your friends a lot less, and he began to miss the connections and conversations he once had so often. As he says in his book, “I wanted to uncover the stories the people around me carry with them, the stories that they might not have told or even recognized they had inside them.” Josh has always loved good conversations. “I believe that’s really all we have in this world,” he says, “the feeling that you ‘get’ someone, the sudden connection of understanding someone.”

The Meet the Regulars podcast is an extension of the book, and a new journey into the lives of regulars at their special spots. It’s sometimes funny, sometimes meaningful, and always entertaining. Turns out, when you sit down to talk with somebody at their favorite joint, you learn life is anything but regular. 


A longtime freelance writer and now author, Josh has been published in Bedford + Bowery, NYLON, Salon, and more. He holds a Masters in Journalism from the Cultural Reporting and Criticism program at New York University. Josh has resided in the same apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for nearly fourteen years. He lives there with his wife, son, and dog.


Meet the Regulars: People of Brooklyn and the Places They Love (Skyhorse Publishing) by Joshua D. Fischer is a book of photos and interviews with regulars at bars, restaurants, and shops of Brooklyn. The book debuted on Amazon as the #1 New Release in the categories of NY State Travel Guides and Mid Atlantic U.S. Biographies. Originally created for the New York magazine partner Bedford + Bowery, Josh’s series boasts more than 50 interviews with famous faces and everyday people at their favorite hangouts. Meet the Regulars has garnered the attention of the New York Daily News, amNew York, CityLab from The Atlantic, and Bust magazine, among others.


Meet the Regulars is produced by Joshua D. Fischer and Jeff Hinton



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