Joshua D. Fischer (pictured above, right) received his master’s in journalism from the Cultural Reporting and Criticism program at New York University. He’s been published in the New York magazine partner Bedford + Bowery, NYLON, and Salon. Joshua lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.



Joshua D. Fischer had been an on-and-off journalist from his first internship in the ’90s at a Detroit alt-weekly to writing music features and personal essays for magazines during the early ’00s in New York City. A few years after he earned his master’s in journalism at New York University, the New York magazine partner Bedford + Bowery contacted Josh to see if he would contribute to their new venture. Josh pitched them the idea of an interview series with regulars at bars, restaurants, and shops in Williamsburg, Bushwick, and where he resided in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. At that point, Josh had been living in the same Brooklyn apartment for a decade.

Brooklyn was where Josh had spent his formative New York days and late nights. He had seen so much rapid change, so much gentrification, so many places close and new ones open, that he wondered what happened to the people he used to see at his neighborhood haunts—and what about the new people and places that replaced them? He watched as once Brooklyn-local friends were priced out, moved on, married, built careers, or started lives elsewhere. After publishing more than two dozen interviews with everyday people and famous faces—comics, musicians, actors, and artists—a book took form, in which he expanded his coverage all over Brooklyn and included his own reflections on the people, places, and changing borough in brief, punchy essays.

Meet the Regulars: People of Brooklyn and the Places They Love presents interviews along with snapshots from stellar photographers Josh recruited for this project. These are powerful portraits of people and entertaining reflections on a life in what so many regard as the coolest city in the world—one that’s full of hipsters, artists, gentrifiers, professionals, and simply people who are intimately connected to their favorite places in their hometown.